T-Mobile Sidekick LX

Flip Sidekick LX’s screen around and up, revealing the QWERTY keyboard underneath. Noted LCD Maker Sharp manufactures the Sidekick, and given Sharp’s display manufacturing prowess, it makes sense that the high-quality, 3-inch, WQVGA (400-by-240-pixel) display would draw on Sharp’s Aquos LCD technology.

You can customize the device’s alert lights–which include the trackball positioned at the right–to illuminate depending on the activity (for example, when you have an incoming SMS, MMS, IM, e-mail, or phone call). Sharp equipped the slide with support for up to 4GB of microSD memory (a 128MB card comes included).

The unit also has a built-in 1.3-megapixel camera with flash. Additionally, an integrated MySpace application (delivered over the air) is part of the Sidekick’s instant-messaging experience. Messaging and MySpace are huge components of the Sidekick: According to T-Mobile, 85 percent of all Web page views on the Sidekick are to MySpace.com, and typically more than 1000 IMs are sent per month.

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~ by nhoj16 on December 19, 2007.

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